Lay off the Cheese!

You are looking at a kid that has never been told by me to say ‘Cheese’ (for the camera) from the day he was born. I always felt it was up to me to get the shots and he was not required to do anything but be himself. I played with him, smiled at him, was goofy. I got the smiles I wanted. Having photographed a lot of kids, I meet many ‘trained’ kids. Trained to give me forced and fake smiles. After he was born I was determined not require that of him. He is older than 3 in these photos. We may have saved him from the cheese face. He will now pose for me with no forcing on my part, gives me a great variety of looks, and loves to be the photographer using my camera phone.

I think the simplest way to save a child from the cheese face is to let him or her play. Let them jump, be silly, make goofy faces. Let them be kids.


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4 responses to “Lay off the Cheese!

  • D-Frank

    Good shots. He’s a natural in those photos! 🙂

  • Kim

    I photographed Ben so often as a child that when he was old enough to know that value of a dollar I had to pay him to cooperate in a photoshoot. However, when he was young like your son it was all about playing, having silly fun and taking great photos! We never said “cheese” either!

    Great work, as always.

  • Grace D

    Nice shots! He is awesome to photograph b/c of how natural & genuine he is in front of the camera! Good job with ‘laying off the cheese’! I will definitely keep that in mind when I have my little ones.

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