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Free To Dream

A few months ago I decided to create a series of images to bring awareness about the injustices that women face on this planet. Then I became aware of A21, a organization committed to combating human sex trafficking in the 21st century. They were planning a huge fundraiser to start an arm of this organization in the Carolinas, USA. Artists gathered. An art installation came together to show the dark side, the hope that is there, and the freedom that is possible. Initially, I was to express the dark side but ended up showing the hope and joy of freedom.

All of the images are photographs. Most are composites put together to tell a story, connect to an emotion or revive a memory.

On the day of the event I met Angela. She was someone who came out to support the cause and asked me about this piece with a bicycle. She asked me if I knew what it meant.  I came to know that this reminded her of  a dream that she had. A dream about going from struggle to a new life. I told that it would name that piece ‘Angela’s Dream’.

I cannot begin to understand the reality of anyone caught up in slavery of this type.  I can relate to trying to follow your dreams.  The idea is to do what little we can so others have that chance too.

Rest of the images are here. Prints are available.

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Supporters and Protectors.

One of the strongest supporters of my photography has been my Bogen /Manfrotto tripod.  I bought it several years ago and I remember eyeballing it for many months before pulling the trigger. It was right after my cheapie tripod dropped my stuff. The Bogen appeared to be a pretty good buy at that point. Lesson learned. Now I have a monopod too and love it. This company has proven itself by its product. I am now a proud owner of this Kata bag. Its huge, lightweight and user friendly. Knowing that at Manfrotto is behind this company, assures me that it is going to protect my stuff just as well my tripod had supported it. The tripod has been through a lot and is going strong. Knowing me, I will be abusing this bag too. Pretty confident it will hold up. Will try to update as I get to know this bag.

Lay off the Cheese!

You are looking at a kid that has never been told by me to say ‘Cheese’ (for the camera) from the day he was born. I always felt it was up to me to get the shots and he was not required to do anything but be himself. I played with him, smiled at him, was goofy. I got the smiles I wanted. Having photographed a lot of kids, I meet many ‘trained’ kids. Trained to give me forced and fake smiles. After he was born I was determined not require that of him. He is older than 3 in these photos. We may have saved him from the cheese face. He will now pose for me with no forcing on my part, gives me a great variety of looks, and loves to be the photographer using my camera phone.

I think the simplest way to save a child from the cheese face is to let him or her play. Let them jump, be silly, make goofy faces. Let them be kids.